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Economics and management of production
ArticleName Stability and modernization demand joint solutions and efforts from the part of social partnership
ArticleAuthor Kotlyar B. A.
The result of analysis of progress of the main order of remuneration from sectorial tariff agrement on 2010 by non-ferrous plants are presented. The necessity of development and realization of the actions, directed on elevation of productivity and cut of non-unproductive work positions has been shown for increase of buying power of wages of employees. The method of definition of the part of usage of the saving wage fund, received reduction of staff number for increase of average wage has been proposed. It has been recommended to determine the value of this factor taking into account the opinion of trade union committee and regulate the wage formation in the same way. Necessity of account specification of employment terms in wage scales and for fixing fringes as well as the strengthening of employees, motivation in reduction of production expenses and optimization of wage structures has been remarked. Usage of methods, offered in paper, should stabilize sociallabour relationship as necessary condition of industrial modernization.
keywords Mining and smelting complex, sectoral tariff agreement, collective agreement, staffing level, productivity of labor, average salary, living wage, purchasing capacity
Language of full-text russian
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