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Heavy non-ferrous metals
Название Deposition of nickel and cobalt sulphide from sulphate solutions with sulphur in reducer presence
Автор Greyver T. N., Kalashnikova M. I., Ertseva L. N., Lutova L. S., Vagner L. Ya.
The influence of composition of solutions and conditions of deposition of nickel and cobalt sulphides with metallic iron and sulphur on chemical and phase composition of obtaining concentrates is examined. The negative influence of background electrolytes on the process of deposition of nickel and cobalt sulphides from poor solutions is established, these solutions contain alloys, coming from rockforming minerals and typical for oxidated nickel ores. The most negative influence up to full repression of the process, is provided by aluminium and chrome ions, characterized with high attitude of charge towards radius. They block the active centre of forming and increasing of sulphides, adsorbing on the sulphur surface. The methods of overcoming of this appearance are investigated: hydrolytic cleaning of solution, dummy bar induction, usage activation. The methods of direct production of rich concentrates, containing 40–50 % of Ni from poor solutions, has been prepared. Dependence between the phase composition and conditions of their deposition is determined. The new information about residuum structure and cementation process of nickel with iron passed in parallel with sulphide deposition by sulphur is received.
Ключевые слова Nickel sulphides, cobalt sulphides, suppression, element sulphur, Eh—pH diagram, base electrolyte, hydrolitic cleaning, aluminium, chrome, phase composition
Language of full-text русский
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