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Noble metals and alloys
Название Technological research of sorbent PuroGold on gold extraction plant of JSC “Pokrovskiy rudnik”
Автор Androsov A. A., Dmitrienko V. P., Zavalyuev A. S., Sidorov M. E., Shestaev V. F.
Technological researches of PuroGold sorbent are considered in comparison with new AM-2B and regenerated AM-2B from technological process on real pulps and solutions of gold-extraction plant of “Pokrovskiy rudnik”. Definition of mechanical strength of PuroGold sorbent was implemented. It has been established via tests of sorption properties of PuroGold in four sorption-regeneration cycles that reduction of sorption properties of ionites is not observed.
Ключевые слова Gold, sorption, regeneration, sorbent, sorption kinetics, pulp, selectivity
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