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Noble metals and alloys
ArticleName Conditioning of cyanide-bearing reusable solution with regeneration of free cyanide and copper extraction
ArticleAuthor Petrov V. F., Fayberg A. A., Voyloshnikov G. I.
The technology developed in Irgiredmet provides for copper recovery in the mode of high-quality concentrate with simultaneous regeneration of free cyanide in solution. Technological solutions are processed by silfide-ions with subsequent initiating of sulfides of metals formation by insertion of mineral acid with decrease of pH level until defined limits. At the same time the decay of metal-cyanide complexes with formation of sediment of slightly soluble sulfides of metals and remaining in solution hydrocyanic acid occurs. When conditioning of reverse tecnhnological solutions given technology lets use cyanide repeatedly and considerably decrease its consumption due to regeneration.
keywords Conditioning, regeneration, cyanide, extraction, copper sulphide, reverse solution, gold, elektrolyte precipitation, reaction kinetiecs
Language of full-text russian
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