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Название New level of distance education
Автор Pustovoy D. Yu.
Distance education is inconceivable without usage of modern computer technologies and Internet. The main technical possibilities of realization of distance education are demonstrated on the example of Adobe Acrobat Connect platforms – one of the leadiry program in the market and proposing the most complete functional properties. Widerspread distribution of flash technology allows the students and teachers to begin the lessons without preload, adjustment and installation some supplement. Access to educational surroundings is provided by any browser through usual web-link. Possibility of transmission of video and sound, shared usage of supplements and many other options make the distance education more efficient than traditional resident education.
Ключевые слова Distance education, internettechnologies, web-conferences, presentation, text message, video material, flash-programm, Adobe Acrobat Connect platform
Language of full-text русский
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