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Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName The analysis of various variants of the technological scheme of processing of oxidized nickel ores on ferronickel with application of dual chamber Vanukov furnace
ArticleAuthor Tsymbulov L. В., Knyazev M. V., Tsemekhman L. Sh., Kudabaev E. A., Golovlev Yu. I.
New technology of processing of the oxidized nickel ores of the Kempirsajsky deposit with reception of ferronickel, based on smelting in dual chamber Vanyukov furnace is developed by JSC "Gipronickel Institute” in cooperation with company Bekem Metals Inc. Results of large scale laboratory researches of the technology in an experimental dual chamber Vanukov furnace are presented. Influence of precalcination of ore on the main technological parameters of smelting is established. Energy cost for realization of this technology for production of ferronickel, with different preparation degree of charge for smelting are calculated.
keywords Oxidized nickel ores, dual chamber Vanukov furnace, oxidizing zone, reducing zone, ferronickel, ore drying, energy cost
Language of full-text russian
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