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Nanostructured metals and materials
Название Approaches to economical forecasting of the market of nanostructural superconducting materials
Автор Putilov A. A.
Innovation modernization of the real sector of national economy should be founded on rather reliable economic prognoses in hi-tech sphere. Approaches to economical forecast of the market of applied superconduction of heavy current has been considered on the example of superconduction. In this year the paper, confirming the forecast of A. A. Abrikosov about existence, of superconductors has been published enable to bear these semiconductors the current density hundreds and thousand times more than admissible current density in normal electrotechnical materials in heavy magnet field with helium temperature, without Joule's losses. Non-ferrous metals are the base of these new materials and they are used in intermetallic, ceramic and other kind in superconducting technologies. Forecast of superconduction usage can give landmarks for prognosys of long-time requirements and raw materials for this hi-tech power, electrotechnical and other systems.
Ключевые слова Superconduction, helium temperature level, market prospects, dielectric power, turbo-generator, technology, material
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