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Radioactive elements
Название Distribution of radionuclide in fluoride-nitric acid technology of plumbomicrolite concentrate
Автор Masloboeva S. M., Melnik N. A.
The paper discusses a newly-designed fluoride-nitric acid pattern for plumbomicrolite concentrate (PMC) processing, focusing on distribution of radionuclides in individual process stages. It is shown that under optimal conditions of PMC decomposition the bulk of radionuclides (mostly thorium) remains in the undigested residue. The method involves purifying of solution from radionuclides and lead before solvent extraction aimed at isolating the high-purity tantalum compounds. Radiological investigation of tantalum pentoxide samples has been carried out.
Ключевые слова Radionuclides, plumbomicrolite concentrate, radioactivity, extract, tantalum, niobium, fluoride-nitrate solution, clarification
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