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Metal processing
Название Calculation of the minimum length of the container at continuous pressing conform
Автор Gorokhov Yu. V., Solopko I. V., Suslov V. P.
The description of updating of scale plant of continuous pressing of Conform is resulted. The design procedure of the optimum sizes of the tool for pressing on scale plant with a horizontal and vertical axis of rotation of a wheel is offered. Formulas for definition of the sizes crosssection the container, its minimum length necessary for realization of pressing in the way Conform are presented. Optimization of the sizes is made with application of elements of a variation method. By results of calculations the program providing search of rational parameters of the tool is made.
Ключевые слова Continuous pressing, scale plant, active forces of the friction, combined processes, container, matrix, blank, tool for pressing
Language of full-text русский
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