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Metal processing
ArticleName Fuatures of extrusion of profiles from heavy non-ferrous metals and alloys
ArticleAuthor Zolkin V. N.
Features of direct extrusion of profiles from bronze and brass is considered. Special emphasis is devoted to research of influence of rheology and temperature of ingot heating on yield ratio. It has been shown that during construction of optimal extrusion technology of heavy non-ferrous metals and alloys it is necessary to consider the billet length, diameter of container, temperature conditions of ingot and container heating and strength characteristic of processing materials. Due to technology improvement yield ratio during direct extrusion of heavy non-ferrous metals increase by 15–17%. Method of definition of required technological parameters via semirational dependings, removing twist event is suggested. According to this method, profiles with high strength characteristics for shipbuilding and other branch of industry has been received.
keywords Extrusion, hexagonal and furniture profiles, bronze, brass, deformation area, extrusion defect, twist, temperature of ingot heating, strength, shipbuilding
Language of full-text russian
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