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ArticleName Experience of “Gipronickel” institute in accompanying of geological prospecting works: from researching of material composition of ores to development of technological regulations for beneficiation
ArticleAuthor Kozyrev S. M., Maksimov V. I., Kravtsova O. A., Khashkovskaya T. N., Motorin Yu. M.
“Gipronickel” Institute represented by the laboratory of geological-technical researches of raw materials executes investigations of ore compositions and development of the technology of their beneficiation. Contents of institutes papers is regulated by the documents of state regulatory bodies and by projects of geological prospecting works. At present time, substantial experience and data base about composition and beneficiation ability of different types of raw materials from almost all deposits, researching or developing by the company, have been collected. Short version of the main results of geological-technical works of the institute during last years at the major objects has been exposed in this paper.
keywords Beneficiation, sulphide ores, platinum, copper, nickel, titanomagnetite, titanic iron ores, gold-bearing ores, magnetite
Language of full-text russian
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