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Noble metals and alloys
ArticleName Substantiation and choice of cooling conditions for PdN-5 alloy during ingot solidification
ArticleAuthor Pavlov E. A., Gurskaya V. Yu., Gushchinskiy A. A., Efimov V. N.
Thermal physical substantiation of choice of the optimal cooling conditions during solidification under the conditions of industrial production has been presented. Researches of macro- and microstructure have been executed, mechanical properties of foundry samples of gold-palladium alloy (PdN-5) have been defined. On the base of comparative analysis of structural and mechanical properties, the optimal cooling conditions have been established: holding in а mould for 10 min with further cooling in water. As the result of these cooling conditions during solidification of ignot of PdN-5 alloy, non-dendritic structure excluding homogenizing annealing has been formed and, therefore, technological cycle of manufacture of finished products has been shortned.
keywords Platinum metals, cooling conditions, metallographic analysis, recover reticulations, homogenous structure, mechanical properties, kinetic overcooling, speed of crystallization, distribution coefficient
Language of full-text russian
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