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Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
Название The control of current distribution in the anode of aluminium electrolyzer
Автор Gromyko A. I.
Induction method of control of current strength, flowing through every anode or every pin from self-baking anode has been proposed. Essence of the method is consisted in measuring of variable component of current strength in series using electromagnetic transducers, fixed on current-carrying (current tap) elements of electrolyzer constructions (anode pins, bar groups, blooms). Usage of electromagnetic transducers of current allows to measure current strength in every current-carrying (current tap) element of electolyzer constructions and provide equal distribution of current along anode body. Similarly, control of current distribution in blooms of cathode unit can be realized and as consequence, several technological disfunctions of electrolyze process of aluminium can be eliminated. The main advantage of usage of electromagnetic transducers is contactless control of current distribution along pins of self-baking anode. Additionally, the contactless method of measuring current in pins, situated in anode edges close to anode descents, was realized firstly, using the developed device.
Ключевые слова Electrolyzer, aluminium, current strength, anode, electromagnetic transducers, cathode device, current distribution
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