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Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
Название Improvement the system of collection, evacuation and disposal of anode gas at powerful soderberg electrolyzers
Автор Shakhray S. G., Korostovenko V. V., Goldaev S. V.
Analysis of conditions and low efficiency of operation of the system of collection, evacuation and disposal of anode gases, formating in the process of electrolytic production of aluminium in Soderberg electrolyzers under conditions of production increase has been presented in this paper. Several technical solutions, directed on increase of efficiency of system operation and improvement of ecological and economical parameters in electrolyzing production facilities have been proposed on the base of executed analysis, engineering calculations and mathematical simulation of thermophysical and aerodynamical processes, occurring in under-bell area, burner units and flue nets.
Ключевые слова Analysis, conditions, collector system, evacuation, disposal, anode gases, technical solutions, efficiency of operation
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