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Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
ArticleName Manufacture of concentrated solutions of perrhenic acid using electrodialysis
ArticleAuthor Palant A. A., Levin A. M., Brukvin V. A., Akhmetov E. F.
Researches of electrodialysis conversion of HReO4 from KReO4 have been realized in collecting conditions. Process has been realized in three-cell pilot electrodialyzer, divided by membranes of MA-41 type of (anionite) and MK-40 (cationite). Initial rough KReO4 has been preliminary recrystallized. Process control has been realized using conductometric method and chemical analysis. Quality of final HReO4 has been estimated via precipitation of NH4ReO4 according to existing technical conditions for ammonium perrhenate. Clean solutions, containing up to 400 g/l of HReO4 have been obtained as the result of realized synthesis. At the same time it has been shown, that it is more expedient to realize collected electrodialysis up to 200 g/l concentration of HReO4. It is defined by supra-proportionally consumption of electric power with raising of HReO4 concentration up to 200 g/l.
keywords Perrhenic acid, ammonium perrhenate, rhenium, electrodialysis, membranes, synthesis, collecting conditions
Language of full-text russian
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