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Radioactive elements
ArticleName Technique of magnetic separation and cleaning with removal of wastes of uranium fuel powders for nuclear reactors
ArticleAuthor Glebov V. A., Glebov A. V.
The installation on the base of the system of permanent magnets classified as the type of opening domain structure, and producing strong high-gradient magnetic fields has been developed. It provides necessary sensitivity for working with weak-magnetic materials. The technique was developed and measurements of magnetic susceptibility of powders of uranium compounds, using in production of fuel for nuclear reactors, as well as compounds, being of interest for new technologies of nuclear fuel cycle, have been developed. High sensitivity of the technique allows to estinate it perspectively for investigation of structure of uranium compounds, control of chemical composition and valency form of uranium, as well as for cleaning with removal of wastes.
keywords Separation, magnetic system, uranium, weak-magnetic materials, magnetic susceptibility, uranium nitride, fuel, nuclear reactor
Language of full-text russian
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