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Metal processing
ArticleName Electric spark dispersion of metals and alloys forming on their surfaces oxide films with low contact resistance
ArticleAuthor Bairamov R. K., Bugrov A. V.
Research on the process of metal electro erosion forming on metal surface oxide films with low contact resistance has been continued. A study has been made on condition of electric spark dispersion of metal alloys in water solutions. It was determined that given metals are subject to electro erosion electric current impulses of rational frequencies are supplied to electrodes and granules of there metals. In these condition pure products — metal powder is produced. It has been demonstrated that the ratio of components in the product received in the process of alloys electro erosion, as in the initial alloys of metals, remains practically the same. In the process of electro spark dispersion of two metals that differ greatly at melting and boiling temperatures, the yielded product represents a homogeneous material, where particles of one metal intrude into the crystal lattice of the other. This allows to assume that under certain conditions it is possible to get the alloys of incompatible metals.
keywords Electro erosion, electric spark dispersion, protective oxide film, metal alloys, zone of spark discharge, atomical oxygen, metal powder
Language of full-text russian
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