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Metal processing
ArticleName Srtructural hardening of titanium alloys
ArticleAuthor Pol'kin I. S.
Early papers by V. I. Dobatkin about structural hardening of aluminium alloys have been considered. Started from considering of “press-effect”, described in first papers by S. M. Voronov and V. I. Elagina, V. I. Dobatkin made conclusions, that press-effect is not connected with alloying by transition metals while increase of strength of aluminium alloys is determined by formation of polygonized structure after different types of deformation. After words the paper describes influence of structure polygonization and methods of its obtaining on mechanical properties of high-alloyed titanium alloy. It has been shown, that polygonized structure has advantages, allowing to realize structural hardening of titanium alloys and possibility of control obtaining the required properties.
keywords Press-effect, structural hardening, polygonized structure, deformation, aluminium alloys, alloying, titanium alloys
Language of full-text russian
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