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Metal processing
Название Grounds of forecasting of service life depending on corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys and ways of further increasing their corrosion resistance under stress
Автор Sinyavsky V. S.
It has been established that increase of pitting corrosion is stopped due to displacement of repassivation potential in the area of anode-cathode protection after 10 years of holding samples of aluminium alloys. The methods of forecasting of service life depending on corrosion resistance for aluminium alloys that are nonsensitive to corrosion under stress up to 100 years and sensitive to it up to 20 years have been developed. It has been shown that coagulation of phase precipitations in the process of dispersion hardening leads to repeated reduction of resistance to layer corrosion and corrosion cracking in overaged condition. Reducing resistance of corrosion cracking and layer corrosion is connected with formation of dislocations populations near the grain boundaries. In these places corrosion cracks are developed as a result of simultaneous influence of adsorption, electrochemical and mechanical factors. Classification of corrosion under stress and its complex evaluation have been proposed.
Ключевые слова Corrosion pitting, repassivation potential, layer corrosion, corrosion cracking, incoherent precipitations, dislocations population, structural-regulated ageing
Language of full-text русский
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