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Название Electromagnetic method of measurement of metalline mass of a pulp
Автор Velt I. D., Mikhailova Yu. V.
The considered electromagnetic method of measurement of metalline mass provides the control of two parameters of a pulp: its volume flow and its magnetic permeability of a pulp. Accuracy of calculation of mass of a solid phase by an suggested method practically is not influenced by change of physical properties of the liquid and gaseous medium as a part of a pulp. Thanks to it accuracy of measurement of the flow of metalline mass is increasing, necessity for measurement of density of a pulp and of liquid-gas component disappears. Necessity of application of radio isotope densimeter is included. Constructive decisions of the two-channel electromagnetic device with the above-stated properties are considered.
Ключевые слова A magnetic susceptibility, a pulp, an electromagnetic method, metalline mass, a magnetic field
Language of full-text русский
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