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Heavy non-ferrous metals
Название About usage of backward osmotic installation for utilisation of nickel-cobalt industrial waste waters and washwaters
Автор Levin A. M., Bryukvin V. A.
Simulated nickel-cobalt solutions with raised contents of non-ferrous metals have been used for more precised analysis of nickel and cobalt distribution in solutions after backward osmosis for process research. It has been established, that usage of backward osmosis process allows to increase essentially content of non-ferrous metals in concentrate, which can be directed on further processing. Volume of the concentrate directed to processing is substantially less than volume of initial solution, which allows to reduce greatly the load on water cleaning systems at the enterprises. Obtained filtrate can be used as return water at enterprise according to its composition.
Ключевые слова Backward osmosis, waste water cleaning, filtration, concentrate, nickel-cobalt solutions, filtrate, extraction
Language of full-text русский
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