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Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Processing of lead-antimony concentrates with pulp electrolysis
ArticleAuthor Solozhenkin P. M.
The basis of pulp electrolysis together with problems of antimony and lead extraction and their separation from sophisticated antimonylead concentrate has been presented in this paper. Usage of pulp electrolysis for processing of antimony-lead concentrate has been shown that antimony and lead can be separated in one stage. Metallic antimony of 2* grade can be obtained directly on cathode. Lead is concentrated in remainder in PbCl2 form. Lead concentrate of high quality (more than 45% of Pb and less than 15% of sulphur) and pure sulphur have been obtained after processing of remainder with ammonium carbonate and sulphur removing with kerosene respectively. Metals extraction during pulp electrolysis made, %: 95 Sb, 95 Pb, 80 Ag, 60 S.
keywords Pulp electrolysis, antimony extraction, lead extraction, silver extraction, jamesonite, gudmundite, leaching, electrolysis, circulation speed, current density, temperature
Language of full-text russian
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