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Noble metals and alloys
Название Noble metals extraction from refining slags by electric smelting at JSC Krastsvetmet
Автор Davydov A. A., Sergeev V. L., Maltsev E. V., Moskalyov A. V., Efimov V. N.
Various low grade raw materials are concentrated by a pyrometallurgical method at JSC Krastsvetmet. As a result noble metals are concentrated in heavy alloy at the bottom of the melting unit, while base metals oxides are extracted with the slag smelt. Electric melting in an ore-thermal furnace (OTF) has been proposed for noble metals extraction from refining slags. The OTF was designed, manufactured and launched into trial operation in collaboration with NMM PG Ltd., Moscow. The results of electric melting for noble metals extraction at the starting stage of the technology development are reported. The following compositions of the resulted products are shown: noble metals heavy alloys, the slag after noble metals extraction, the furnace bottom slag lining, smelting dust. Possible technology improvement ways of slag melting for noble metals extraction are discussed.
Ключевые слова Refining, slags after noble metals extraction, electric melting, ore-thermal furnace, noble metal alloys, chemical analysis, scull, gusts, sublimates
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