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Composites and multipurpose coatings
Название Enhancement of composite magnets mechanical strength by using of fullerenes
Автор Popova O. I., Glebov V. A., Glebov A. V.
The influence of the additions of fullerenes C-60 on the mechanical strength of bonded magnets, manufactured with using of neodymium–iron–boron magnetic powders, obtained by the method of centrifugal pulverization of a melt, is investigated. The necessity of the presented work is conditioned by a low mechanical strength of existing ceramic magnets, which does not allow using them in manufacturing of rotors and magnetic hangers of high-velocity centrifuges, and also in manufacturing of high-velocity electric motors of a new generation. The investigations show that the effect of fullerenes additions is determined by the quality of the surface preparation of magnetic powders before the introducing of fullerenes. The using of vacuum capsulation of magnetic powders led to the enhancement of magne's mechanical strength on 25–30 %, when the concentration of fullerenes is 0.2 % (mas.).
Ключевые слова Bonded magnets, fullerenes, mechanical strength, composite materials, additions, magnetic powders
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