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ArticleName Development of preparation technologies is the perspective method of efficiency improvement of metallurgical production and the solution of the ecological problems
ArticleAuthor Bazoev H. A., Alekseeva L. I., Hramtsova I. N., Tsymbal A. S., Volyansky I. V.

Directions of improvement of preparation technologies of the impregnation, coppery and high-grade ores in Transpolar division of JSC “MMC Norilsk nickel" are considered. The paper shows, that the new approach to the further development of preparation technology of the impregnation ores consists in complex use of known receptions of optimization, and also development of new schemes and reactant modes adapted for conditions of production as much as possible. Perspective of the following is noted: primary X-ray radiometric separations; combinations of gravitation and flotation methods; uses of the depressing reagent "Politsell" (METS-2) in a cycle of collective flotation of charge of the impregnation ores and water emulsion of reagent DP-4, stabilized of sulfhydrie collector. Comparative results of indices of ore preparation on various technologies are resulted. Results of development of extratechnologies of ore preparation of Oktyabrskoe and Talnahskoe deposits are resulted.

keywords Impregnation ore, highgrade ore, preparation, flotation, sulphur, pyrrhotine, nickel concentrate, copper concentrate, quality, extraction
Language of full-text russian
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