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ArticleName Innovations in metallurgy is the way to high efficiency
ArticleAuthor Eroshevich S. Yu., Naftal M. N., Ryabushkin M. I., Tozik V. M., Kruchenko S. Ya.

The major landmarks and features of development of the metallurgical plants in the Polar region are considered. The main directions of innovative development of the metallurgical complex of Norilsk industrial plants during the various historical periods of its work are resulted. The paper shows, that discovery of Talnakh deposits has given a powerful impulse to technological development of metallurgy of Norilsk industrial complex. It is informed about directions of the further efficiency improvement of a metallurgical Complex.

keywords Innovations, development, Norilsk industrial complex, a metallurgical complex, reconstruction, Nickel factory, Copper factory, Metallurgical plant “Nadezhda”, Talnakh, nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum metals, sulphur, autoclave-oxidising leaching, Vanukov furnace, flash smelter
Language of full-text russian
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