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Pyrometallurgy of nickel and copper
Название Search of methods of quality improvement of the dry furl nickel slags in melting shop of Copper plant
Автор Tozik V. M., Danilov M. P., Myachinov V. V., Lazarev V. I., Potantsev V. A.

Results of industrial tests of technology of separate bowling of blister copper (copper bowling in two stages) spent at Copper plant of Polar Transpolar division of OJSC “MMC Norilsk nickel" are resulted. Bases of this process are described, efficiency of the given method is shown: quality improvement of nickel slag in aggregate with decrease in quantity of unorganized sulphurous emissions in atmosphere of melting shop. Burden and thermal balances of process of copper shaping-up are resulted. Positive influence of the method of separate bowling on a slag yield in anode furnaces is noted by preliminary results. It is recommended on the basis of the spent research to melting shop of Copper plant to introduce in production the method of separate bowling of blister copper with the subsequent refinement of primary nickel slag.

Ключевые слова Copper-nickel ore, blister copper, nickel slag, technology, converting, shaping-up, refinement
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