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Pyrometallurgy of nickel and copper
Название Tests of pilot samples of filtering materials, filtering fabrics and gas clearning bags of furnaces for impoverish at NMP
Автор Danilov M. P., Schetinin N. S., Rakovets A. A., Shapovalov V. A., Krupnov L. V.

Data on tests of filtering materials and pilot models of bags of firms Testori S p. A, LTD "LIRSOT" and Tamfelt on installations for cooling and flue gas clearing of furnace No. 1 for impoverish is presented. Gas clearing from dust carried out by means of twosection bag filter of PULSTEX (Finland) production. It was found, that there are dust blinding of arms by «Gore Int.» (Great Britain) firm with loss of filtering properties of a fabric and the filter. It has led to performance degradation of installation for cooling and fuel gas clearing (2005) by efficiency of gas clearing of the furnace No. 1 for impoverish. During operational process it is established that the bag from needle-punched fabric on the basis of fluorine plastic by Tamfelt firm has appeared least all is hammered by a dust in comparison with other bags. This material is recommended for carrying out of industrial tests with installation in one section bag filters for cooling and fuel gas clearing (616 bags).

Ключевые слова Bag filter, a cloth, fabric, gas clearing, furnace for impoverish, bag blinding, industrial tests
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