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Pyrometallurgy of nickel and copper
ArticleName Determination of magnetic separation conditions of nickel slag of anode furnaces
ArticleAuthor Danilov M. P., Negrej N. V., Danchenko E. V., Belostotskiy A. F.

Results of laboratory researches on magnetic separation of the crushed nickel slag of anode furnaces of Metallurgical plant “Nadezhda” of Transpolar division OJSC “MMC Norilsk nickel” are presented. The optimum mode of magnetic separation of slag and grain size is defined. Carrying out of magnetic separation of slag has allowed to receive following indices: yield of a magnetic product of 38,8 %; nickel extraction in a magnetic product of 64,4 %. Preliminary balance calculation has shown that at processing of slag with application of magnetic separation it is possible to receive additional quantity of non-ferrous metals in a marketable products. The complex on processing of the anode slags including crushing and magnetic separation is offered by results of work.

keywords Magnetic separation, anode nickel, slag, electrofusion, magnetic product, test, preparation
Language of full-text russian
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