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Production of metal nickel and cobalt
ArticleName Application the complex surfactant “Aviton”® in electrolytic refining of nickel
ArticleAuthor Ryabushkin A. I., Salimzhanova Е. V., Yuriev A. I., +Bolshakov L. A.

Tests of new surfactants for emission decrease of hydro-aerosols of nickel salts have been carried out. The optimum concentration about 5 mg/dm3 has been chosen by results of the spent laboratory researches. At such concentrate of "Aviton" reagent in electrolit the following is observed: low foaming; cathode current output about 98,5%; emission decrease of hydroaerosols of nickel in a working zone; the specific energy consumption on ton of cathodic nickel about 1778,3 kWh/t.

keywords Surface-active additives, nickel salts, laboratory researches, optimum concentration
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