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Metallurgy of precious metals
Название Usage of autoclave processes platinum concentrate production in metallurgical shop of copper plant
Автор Lapshin D. A., Dylko G. N., Litvyak M. A., Grabchak E. F., Mamsik M. Yu.

Results of platinum metal deposition from solutions in experimental conditions and on pilot installation are presented. Possibility of use of tubular autoclaves instead of capasitance is shown, it has allowed to apply more effective precipitators and to spend processes in more severe constraints, having provided sufficient level of safety at realization of operations. High efficiency is reached at use of formaldehyde for platinum metals deposition from industrial solutions of various composition.

Ключевые слова Precious metals, concentrates, metals of platinum group, tubular autoclave, paraformaldehyde, thiourea, driver metal, iridium
Language of full-text русский
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