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Autoclave pyrrhotine hydrometallurgy
ArticleName Selection of effective surface-active compounds for autoclave-oxidation leaching of nickel-pyrrhotine concentrates
ArticleAuthor Naftal M. N., Naboychenko S. S.

Application of various surface-active compound (SAC) in world practice of autoclave hydrometallurgy of sulphidic polymetallic materials are considered. The results of SAC check in operation of high-temperature leaching of nickel — pyrrhotine concentrates according to laboratory researches, semi-industrial and industrial tests are generalised. Requirements to the surface-active additive adequately answering to the basic processes, proceeding at autoclave oxidation of pyrrhotine are formulated. A combination of lignosulphonates and products of organic compound sulphanation are recommended to use as a sulphur de-emulsification agent for combined SAC. The specified products show high affinity to platinum metals at the oxidized pulp flotation and process intensifications of sulfur coalescence at its autoclave melt.

keywords High-temperature leaching, combined surface-active substance, motor fuel, antagonistic action, nickel-pyrrhotine concentrate, ignosulphonates, pyrrhotine decomposition, element sulphur, tailings, sulphur-sulphidic flotation, autoclave sulphur melt, extraction, nonferrous metals, platinum metals
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