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Autoclave pyrrhotine hydrometallurgy
Название The technology of chemical-mechanical preparation of technical lime at Nadezhda metal plant
Автор Naftal M. N., Chetvertinovsky V. V., Solomin S. V., Babakov V. A., Lapshina N. A.

The technology of chemical-mechanical preparation of technical lime is developed, providing lime activity increase in process of lime milk preparation from ~45–50 to 65–70 %. Application of globe mill with loading of grinding bodies within 0–5 t is offered for limin. Low activity components of lime (sand) are consistently settle down in four transport-dose kibbles with the subsequent transfer of sand to operation of crushing of limestone. Introduction of offered technology will allow to improve indices and to carry out full change of imported expensive metallize pelllets to limestone sulfuric concoction. Application of low activity lime components will lead to consumption decrease in autoclave-oxidation technology of limestone. Realization of offered technology is based on usage of the available equipment and demands the minimum expenses for reconstruction.

Ключевые слова Аutoclave-oxidation technology, processing of pyrrhotine concentrates, preparation shop, raw materials, charge, technical lime, limestone, lime milk, chemical-mechanical preparation, crushing, classification, globe mill
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