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Название 35 years of automation service of “Nadezhda”
Автор Andreev S. V., Kosenko I. S., Sizyh I. A., Sekachev D. V.

Operating experience of the various automated systems at Nadezhda metal plant is described from the moment of its start-up. The system of supervisory control on the basis of series means «Teleperm-B» of Siemens (German) and system Proscon have been applied by Outokumpu company as the automated control system of technological process of pyrometallurgical production. The operating system MINEX was used for the control and management of technological process in real time in system "Proscon-103". The universal system of repots, system of collection and data processing of chemical analyses, system of calculation of balances of converting and slag impoverishing, top level system of process automated control system, etc. have been developed and introduced for the period over 30 years by experts of ACS department.

Ключевые слова Automated control systems, personal computer, software, local computer network, graphic interface, information technology, document control
Language of full-text русский
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