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ArticleName Copper plant automation: 10 years later
ArticleAuthor Kozlovsky V. G., Naftal V. M., Denisenko A. V., Dursunov R. O.

The article «Automation of Copper plant» has been published in journal "Tsvetnye Metally" № 11, 1999 ten years ago. Authors of article (S. A. Oreshkin, A. G. Afanasiev, G. A. Rudenko) described the technologies used at Copper plant and breakthrough technologies in that time. But technological progress is not forged ahead in the modern world. For ten years much has changed: there were new smart instrumentation, capacity of computing technics is increased, capacity and technical capabilities of the equipment of industrial automation has increased, technical capabilities of data transfer have essentially increased. This article is about the changes which have occurred at Copper plant in the field of automation, an information technology and communication for 10 years.

keywords Automated control systems, technological processes, hardware and software complexes, information technology, software, network technologies, communication, industrial TV
Language of full-text russian
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