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ArticleName New features in on-stream XRF analysis for flotation circuit management and control
ArticleAuthor Kongas M.

Special features of on-stream XRF analysis systems are described. Controlled sampling with onstream analysers is explored; metallurgical multistage sampling using MSA samplers capable of sampling the streams of up to 60– 18000 m3/h. A new flow cell is designed making possible to ensure the availability of a fresh representative sample in the critical area for analysis and an analyser automatic window changer that considerably increases X-ray tube lifetime. Wave-dispersed and energy- dispersed X-ray fluorescent spectrometers (WD/ED-XRF) as well as process control issues are briefly discussed.

keywords Sampling, X-ray fluorescence analysis, on-stream analyser, flotation machine, slurry level, aeration rate, frother dosage
Language of full-text russian
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