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Название Principles of computerised control of flotation process based on new Outotec product — FrothMaster videosystem
Автор Mashevskyi G. N., Petrov A. V., Moilanen J., Timperi J., Saloheimo K., Kemppinen H.

With the purpose of objective evaluation of froth layer Outotec developed the FrothMaster videosystem that determines velocity of froth layer removal to a concentrate launder, its stability, size of bubbles in froth layer and their colour tones. FrothMaster videosystem information in a digital form ensures development of a program algorithm basis for computerised flotation process control. A concept of rough flotation circuit control using FrothMaster videosystem without Courier data is given.

Ключевые слова Flotation, froth layer, bubble size, Courier analyser, Froth-Master videosystem, neural network model
Language of full-text русский
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