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ArticleName Development of new series of Outotec products for electrochemical control of flotation process
ArticleAuthor Mashevskyi G. N., Petrov A. V., Lyyra M., Etelapaa M., Lamberg P.

The overview of scientific fundamentals for monitoring and controlling the first phase of flotation – slurry preparation based on physical-chemical modelling is given. The process of activating sulphide mineral surface with Cu- SO4 is given as an example. This is one of the most widely used methods in flotation practice when processing polymetal ores, hard arsenopyrite gold-containing ores, ores containing nickel-bearing pyrrhotine etc.

keywords Flotation, slurry preparation, surface activation, sphalerite, ionometry means, Chena analyser, physical-chemical model
Language of full-text russian
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