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ArticleName Experience of Equipment Upgrading for X-Ray Spectral ExpressLaboratory of Beneficiating Plant
ArticleAuthor Ganbaatar Z., Delgerbat L., Lkhagva Zh., Stolyarov V. F., Lavrentiev Yu. D., Morozov V. V.

Ganbaatar Z., deputy general director of production, prof., Ph. D (techn.), Delgerbat L., chief specialist for automation, D. Sc (techn.), Lkhagva Zh., chief of shop for technologic automatics and computer technology, “Erdenet” joint venture; Stolyarov V. F., president, Lavrentiev Yu. D., director, Ph. D (techn.), ZAO “Elskort” (Moscow); Morozov V. V., head of chemistry department, Ph. D (techn.), Moscow State Mining University


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