For its tandem cold mill, PAO Severstal again relies on the modernization expertise of SMS group

19.07.2018, 17:37

In April 2018, PAO Severstal has contracted SMS group to modernize the exit section of the tandem cold mill “2100” at its Cherepovets plant in northwest Russia. In the forefront there is the target of full utilization of the maximum possible strip width of 1,850 millimeters. The supply scope will mainly comprise a new tension reel featuring a motor coupling of about nine meters length connected to a new electrical gear (AC motor and converter), in order to coil the strip under high tension. In addition, there will be two coil cars guided on one common running rail to serve for coil transportation to the inspection station respectively to the coil storage which will be arranged in a neighboring shop. Further, an offline inspection station of the Rotary Inspect type will be supplied for ergonomic and fast inspection of the finished strip.


The modernization will be carried out during a scheduled downtime of only 23 days. Commissioning of the tandem cold mill equipped with the new exit-side installations is scheduled to take place in summer 2019.


In 2016 already, SMS group comprehensively modernized the tandem cold mill “2100” of PAO Severstal and completely exchanged the entry section and the four mill stands. In addition, rolling technologies and electrical and automation systems were lifted up to the latest technological level through the use of X-Pact®. By these measures, the rolling mill “2100” was very well prepared to satisfy the increasing material requirements of PAO Severstal’s customers, especially regarding high-grade carbon steels, high-strength steels and micro-alloyed silicon steels.


The tandem cold mill of PAO Severstal will be provided with new exit-side equipment



The new exit-side concept includes the cutting-edge Rotary Inspect offline inspection station permitting the fast and especially ergonomic inspection of strip top and bottom sides


Based on SMS Group information