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The No. 12 issue of "Chernye metally" journal contains most of its conventional sections, starting from “Iron and steel news of the world” and “News of metallurgical companies”.

The section "Iron and Steelmaking" includes the article with description of experience of the first months of operation of the electric arc furnace (Quantum type) at Tyasa works in Mexico. This furnace uses concealed heat and heat of chemical transformations of waste gases for scrap heating. This furnace has been constructed and mounted by Primetals Technologies.


Features of steel vacuum treatment using multi-stage vacuum pumps are presented in the paper by H. Amlinger, H. Roth and B. Melz. They have done comparative analysis of power consumption on the example of 150 t RH vacuum degasser, as well as analysed technical requirements to explosion safety during steel melt degassing.


R. Fohler (RHI, Austria) has devoted his research to choice and preparation of refractories in manufacturing of a ladle sliding gate on the example of Interstop Typ 5 model.


The readers will also find in this issue the survey on continuous casting technology by G. Kemper, the paper by M. Marion and his colleagues – the leading German specialists on rational use of waste gases at integrated steel works, as well as publications on economics and metallurgical history.


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ArticleName Iron and Steel News of the World
News of the Metallurgical Companies
ArticleName Andritz company: investing in modernization of existing plants
ArticleAuthor J. Schönbeck
ArticleName New high-flux magnetic induction technology
ArticleName Optical thickness measurement directly in the mill
Iron and steelmaking
ArticleName First results with the Quantum electric arc furnace at Tyasa in Mexico
ArticleAuthors A. Müller, J. Apfel, H. Beile

Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH (Willstätt-Legelshurst, Germany):

Müller A., e-mail:
Apfel J., Dr.
Beile H., Dr. Eng., Prof., Head of Competence Centre Metallurgy

ArticleName Efficient multi-stage vacuum pump sets for steel degassing
ArticleAuthors H. Amlinger, H. Roth, B. Melz

SGI Prozesstechnik GmbH (Altenstadt, Germany):

Amlinger H., Mag. Eng.
Roth H., Mag. Eng.
Melz B., Mag. Phys.
E-mail (commom):

ArticleName Refractory dominant in manufacturing technology of a ladle sliding gate
ArticleAuthor R. Fochler

RHI AG (Vienna, Austria):

Fochler R., Corporate Communications, e-mail:

Continuous casting
ArticleName Continuous casting: efficient, safe and future-oriented
ArticleAuthor G. Kemper

Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (Duisburg, Germany):

Kemper G., Dr. Eng., Chief Technologist of Slab Production, e-mail:

Power engineering and environment protection
ArticleName Energy network in integrated mills – reasonable use of by-product gases in the energy network
ArticleAuthors M. Marion, M. Baldermann, H.-P. Domels, M. Hensmann, B. Stranzinger, M. Sprecher

SHS Services GmbH (Dillingen, Germany):

Marion M., Mag. Eng.


Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (Duisburg, Germany):
Baldermann M.

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe GmbH (Duisburg, Germany):
Domels H.-P.

VDEh Institute of Industrial Research (Düsseldorf, Germany):
Hensmann M.
Stranzinger B.

VDEh Steel Institute (Düsseldorf, Germany):
Sprecher M., e-mail:

Economics and finances
ArticleName The main goal is to strengthen the competencies and capabilities of each location of Primetals Technologies
ArticleAuthor Y. Yamasaki

Primetals Technologies (London, UK):

Yamasaki Y., phone: 44 208 996 4300

ArticleName LKAB performance in ironmaking
ArticleAuthor L.-E. Aaro

LKAB (Luleå, Sweden):

Aaro L.-E., phone: +46 771-760 000

ArticleName Steel production worldwide
Metallurgical history
ArticleName 100 years under the St. Andrew’s banner
* * *
ArticleName Annual thematic contents of “Chernye Metally” journal (2015)
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