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This year marks the 65th anniversary of Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika JSC. Today the Institute is one of the leading developers of specialized automation tools and control systems for metallurgical, mining, hydrometallurgical and other industries. The Institute’s products enjoy a high demand and popularity among consumers not only in this country, but also in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Vietnam, Finland, India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Cuba, Mongolia, Macedonia, China and other countries. The March issue of Tsvetnye Metally features selected articles authored by the Institute’s members and their partners. The papers highlight certain research areas that help enhance and maintain the performance of mining, mineral processing, metallurgical, machine building and chemical companies – the Institute’s customers.


This issue also contains articles in the following sections: Beneficiation, Heavy Non-Ferrous Metals, Rare Metals, Semiconductors, Composites and Multipurpose Coatings, Materials Science.


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65-th anniversary of Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika JSC
ArticleName On the problem of control over the primary grinding mill ball charging
ArticleAuthors Sokolov I. V., Kuzyakov A. V.

Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika JSC, Moscow, Russia:

I. V. Sokolov, Head of the Sector of Technical Department
A. V. Kuzyakov, Senior Researcher, Phone: +7 (499) 489-45-96

ArticleName Application of control units VAZM-2U in ore grinding
ArticleAuthors Kuzyakov A. V., Zhidovetskiy V. D.

Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika JSC, Moscow, Russia:

A. V. Kuzyakov, Senior Researcher, Phone: +7 (499) 489-45-96


Kola MMC JSC, Monchegorsk, Russia:
V. D. Zhidovetskiy, Principal Specialist, Automation Office, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Phone: +7 (81536) 7-98-07

ArticleName Autogenous grinding mill process control practices
ArticleAuthor Khaymovskiy S. S.

Soyuztsvetmetavtomatika JSC, Moscow, Russia:

S. S. Khaymovskiy, Head of the Process Automation Laboratory, e-mail:

ArticleName Flotation of Vostok-2 skarn scheelite sulphide ore with modifiers
ArticleAuthors Shepeta E. D., Ignatkina V. A., Samatova L. A., Korzh V. R.

Мining Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Khabarovsk, Russia:

E. D. Shepeta, Senior Researcher at the Comprehensive Mineral Processing Laboratory, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:
L. A. Samatova, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent, e-mail:

National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russia:

V. A. Ignatkina, Professor at the Department of Mineral Processing and Technogenic Raw Materials, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Docent, e-mail:

V. R. Korzh, Postgraduate Student at the Department of Mineral Processing and Technogenic Raw Materials, e-mail:

ArticleName Understanding the behaviour of zinc and impurities during alkaline leaching of zinc bearing product obtained as a result of pyrometallurgical processing of ferrous metallurgy dusts and examining the phase composition of leaching residue
ArticleAuthors Kozlov P. A., Panshin A. M., Yakornov S. A., Ivakin D. A.

UMMC Technical University, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia:

P. A. Kozlov, Deputy Director Responsible for Research, Doctor of Technical Sciences, e-mail:


UMMC OJSC, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia:

A. M. Panshin, Chief Technical Officer, Doctor of Technical Sciences

S. A. Yakornov, Deputy Chief Technical Officer Responsible for Metallurgical Production, Candidate of Technical Sciences

UMMC Technical University, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia1 ; Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant PJSC, Chelyabinsk, Russia2:

D. A. Ivakin, Head of the Metallurgy Laboratory1, Head of the Production Control Office at the Engineering Centre2, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:

ArticleName Processing of gold-antimony concentrates
ArticleAuthors Markelov A. V., Falin K. M., Puchkina V. A., Titova A. N.

SRC Hydrometallurgy, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
A. V. Markelov, Lead Researcher, Ph. D, e-mail:
K. M. Falin, Junior Researcher, e-mail:
V. A. Puchkina, Lab Assistant, e-mail:
A. N. Titova, Lab Assistant, e-mail:

ArticleName Recovery of niobium during comprehensive processing of pyrochlore-monazite-goethite ores
ArticleAuthors Permyakova N. A., Tsygankova M. V., Lysakova E. I.

MIREA — Russian Technological University (Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies), Moscow, Russia:

N. A. Permyakova, Assistant Lecturer at the Department of General Chemical Technology, e-mail:
M. V. Tsygankova, Senior Lecturer at the K. A. Bolshakov Department of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements, Candidate of Chemical Sciences
E. I. Lysakova, Associate Professor at the K. A. Bolshakov Department of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements, Candidate of Chemical Sciences

ArticleName Deposition of tantalum carbide on Ti6Al4V alloy by electric discharge treatment
ArticleAuthors Burkov А. А., Kulik M. A.

Institute of Materials Science, Khabarovsk Scientific Center, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Khabarovsk:

А. А. Burkov, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Phys.-Math. Sciences, e-mail:
M. A. Kulik, Junior Researcher

ArticleName Production of gradient ultrafine-grained hard alloys from powders obtained from scrap VK15 alloy dispersed in water and scrap VK8 alloy dispersed in oil
ArticleAuthors Dvornik M. I., Mikhaylenko E. A.

Institute of Material Science FEB RAS, Khabarovsk, Russia:

M. I. Dvornik, Senior Researcher, Сandidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:
E. A. Mikhaylenko, Research Fellow, Сandidate of Рhysical and Mathematical Sciences, e-mail:

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