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Tsvetnye Metally

Economics and management of production
Название International review of market of non-ferrous metals
Автор Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical plant
Название Impact of gold industry liberalization of China, Indonesia, Brazil and Mongolia
Автор Sokolov A. M.
Название Socially responsible policy of payment during the crisis time
Автор Kotlyar B. A.
Название Preliminary oxidation of bio-cake in technology of processing of sulphide gold-bearing ores and concentrates
Авторы Chubarov A. V., Belousova N. V., Drozdov S. V., Maksimenko V. V.
Название Industrial application of resin "PuroGold" for sorption of gold from cyanide-containing medium at group of companies "Petropavlovsk"
Авторы Alekseev V. N., Mutiev A. M., Volkov V. P., Nikitin N. V., Smirnov V. V.
Heavy non-ferrous metals
Название Influence of composition of copper-lead matte on solvability of copper, lead and impurity in ferri-silicate slags
Автор Dosmukhamedov N. K.
Название Variant of processing of the sulphide copper concentrate by mixed method
Авторы Medvedev A. S., So Tu, Hamhash A., Gosteeva N. V., Ptitsin A. M.
Название The pursuit of maximal possible period for copper dendritic electrocrystallisation between its take off the cathode
Авторы Sokolovskaya E. E., Murashova I. B., Lebed’ A. B., Osipova M. L.
Ecology and protection of the environment
Название Determination of heavy metals containing in natural water sample, snow and soils by the method of mass spectrometry with the inductively coupled plasma
Авторы Bazikova O. I., Glazunov A. L., Granovskaya N. A., Kuzin R. E.
Noble metals and alloys
Название Influence of slag compositon and fusion temperature on distribution of precious metals at reduction melting of copper gold-bearing roasted product
Авторы Strizhko L. S., Peresadi S. S.
Название Thermodynamics of process of chemical dissolution of the silver-bearing waste of jewelry production
Авторы Sizyakov V. M., Kukolevskii A. S., Belenkiy A. M.
Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
Название The energy-dispersive analysis of heat schemes of alumina industry
Авторы Kazakov V. G., Lipin V. A.
Название Investigation of gibbsite structure with various dispersion degree
Авторы Tolchev A. V., Kazantseva E. L., Larin D. D.
Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
Название The research of lepidolitevitriolic opening kinetic
Авторы Samoilov V. I., Baigazova N. A.
Название Prospects of technology improvement of carnallite unwatering
Авторы Pruttskov D. V., Krivoruchko N. P., Zabelin I. V.
Nanostructured metals and materials
Название The synthesis of the new nanostructural AgBr-TlI, AgClхBr1–х crystals, including those alloyed with TlI
Авторы Korsakov A. S., Zhukova L. V., Zharikov E. V., Vrublevskiy D. S., Korsakov V. S.
Название Increase of plasticity and viscosity of alloy E635 for load-bearing elements of fuel assemblies of reactors
Авторы Markelov V. A., Shishov V. N., Sablin M. N., Aktuganova E. N., Kropachev S. Yu.
Metal processing
Название Production of metal powders by mechanical crushing of chip and scrap, production of blowy pieces by the electropulse method
Авторы Krasnov A. A., Kostrov K. V., Silin A. Yu., Samuilov S. D.
Название Development of superduty bar production from constructive and electrotechnical bronzes at Kamensk-Uralsky non-ferrous metal working plant
Авторы Bokov N. F., Kazantsev E. A., Zheleznyak L. M., Kuzmina Е. V., Mazunina Т. V.
Название The self-regulatory mechanism of process of asymmetrical cogging for increase of accuracy of the geometrical sizes and bar flatness improvement
Автор Maksimov E. A.
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