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ArticleName Line production of cold-deformed brass pipes for car radiators
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2019.05.11
ArticleAuthor Antimonov A. M., Pushkareva N. B.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Eltsin (UrFU), Ekaterinburg, Russia.

A. M. Antimonov, Chief of the Department Technology of Mechanical Engineering, Professor, e-mail:

N. B. Pushkareva, Physics Department, Associated Professor, e-mail:


The problem of production tinned brass tubes coated with a predetermined thickness is being solved. The process of forming a coating thickness comprises applying it from molten tin with subsequent deformation with the product. Dependence of the coating thickness on the speed of product movement the in a liquid metal environment, as well as the degree of product deformation during drawing, is determined theoretically. Experimental verification showed good convergence of theoretical results with experimental data. The practical result of solving the set task is the ability to control the process of metal coating thickness forming by the of product movement speed in the liquid metal environment and the degree of its deformation during drawing. The results are used in the organization of tinned brass pipes in-line production for car radiators. The scheme and design of the rotary production line for the tinning of these pipes is submitted. The main element of such design is a transport rotor for moving products in the stepping mode, positions numbers which allows etching synchronizing, tinning and cooling operations of pipes with the exhaust stroke. Products loading and unloading is made from rotor system one position, where pipes are manually fixed vertically. Hydraulic cylinders rod magnetic coupling with a clamping device for pipes allows, after removing pipe from the bath, to automatically disconnect the hydraulic cylinder rod from the rotor and then freely rotate rotor to the next position.

keywords Pipes, drawing, metal coatings, tinning, fluid hydrodynamics, line production, rotor line

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