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ArticleName Influence of chemical purity of initial reagents ZnO, WO3 and Yb2O3 on spectral-absorbing quality of ZnWO4 single crystals
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2019.10.05
ArticleAuthor Subbotin K. A., Titov A. I.,Mozhevitina E. N., Lis D. A.

D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia:

E. N. Mozhevitina, Researcher at the Department of Crystals Chemistry and Technology, Candidate of Chemical Sciences


D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia1 ; Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia2:

K. A. Subbotin, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Crystals Chemistry and Technology1, Head of the Laser Crystal Spectroscopy Laboratory2, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:
A. I. Titov, Graduate Student1, Engineer of Laser Crystal Spectroscopy Laboratory2


Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia:
D. A. Lis, Researcher at the Laser Crystal Spectroscopy Laboratory


Concentrations of 64 random impurity elements into the source chemicals of tungstic oxide, zinc oxide and ytterbium sesquioxide from different manufacturers were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Single crystals of zinc tungstate, both nominally pure ZnWO4 and ytterbium ionactivated Yb:ZnWO4, were grown in air by Czochralski method from platinum crucibles using different combinations of initial reagents. The analysis of optical absorption spectra of the grown crystals has showed that the total absorption of crystals includes two components. The first one is removed by prolonged hightemperature oxidative annealing of crystals and is probably determined by color centers based on oxygen vacancies formed as a result of insufficient oxidazing potential of the growth atmosphere. The second component is not removed during annealing and probably depends upon the impurity ions, since correlation between concentrations of random impurities in the source chemicals and the nature of the second component of optical absorption of crystals has been established. Analysis of both obtained results and the literature suggests that ions of trivalent manganese serve as an absorbing center, and its absorption cross-section is abnormally large.

keywords Single crystal, zinc tungstate, alloying, ytterbium, Czochralski method, chemical purity, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, optical absorption, color center

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