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Metallurgical Equipment
ArticleName Vibrodiagnostics system for rolling mill equipment
ArticleAuthor V. Baglay, V. V. Vorobiev, A. N. Guzeev, M. M. Kipin

«Diamech-Ukraine» (Kharkov, Ukraine):

A. V. Baglay, Director
M. M. Kipin, specialist in vibration analysis of machines III, e-mail:


Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (Kremenchug, Ukraine):
V. V. Vorobyov, Dr. Eng., Prof., Engineering Technology Dept.


Diamech 2000 Ltd. (Moscow, Russia):
A. N. Guzeev, Chief Engineer


The developed Corund vibration diagnostics system provides continuous monitoring of the technical condition of rolling equipment. The implementation of the theory of dynamic processes in this system became possible thanks to the use of original measurement and analysis algorithms that take into account complex information about the current technical condition, process cycles and loading characteristics of rolling equipment. The basis of the system’s ideology is a technique that provides for the technical condition diagnosis according to measurements in transient operation of the stand, mainly when the metal is bited by rolls. At the same time, diagnostics are performed both in the process of rolling metal and in idle mode. An integrated approach to the organization of measurements and analysis of vibrational signals in the program allows to determine the type of defect, the degree of its development and calculate the operational resource of the machine components. Taking into account the features of production and the type of defect detected, the system generates a report for the maintenance personnel, which proposes measures to optimize operating modes, planning the volume and frequency of repairs or maintenance of rolling equipment. The system autonomously takes the necessary actions online to protect equipment alarming about exceeding the permissible levels of controlled parameters. The Corund system interacts with SQL and Oracle databases. The software structure has an open architecture and can be adjusted according to a specific technological task.

keywords Control system, rolling equipment, stand, mill, vibration diagnostics, protective monitoring, operational resource, maintenance

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