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ArticleName The effectiveness of polyurethane coatings on internal surfaces of slurry lines in tailings slurry hydrotransport systems
DOI 10.17580/or.2020.04.06
ArticleAuthor Alexandrov V. I., Kibirev V. I., Serzhan S. L.

St. Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Alexandrov V. I., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,
Serzhan S. L., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

«Mekhanobr Engineering» JSC (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Kibirev V. I., Deputy General Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


The hydrotransport system of Mikhailovsky GOK PJSC used for iron ore processing tailings was studied with the aim of establishing its performance in slurry pipelines with and without polyurethane coatings of their internal surfaces under mass concentration variations of 10 to 70 %, as well as for preparing related recommendations for the enterprise. Theoretical and laboratory studies were completed with the development of a methodology for recalculating the experimental laboratory data for the specific head loss in industrial pipelines. It has been established that the use of internal polyurethane coatings significantly reduces the specific head losses in hydraulic transportation of thickened tailings slurry for iron ore processing tailings. The respective feasibility calculations confirm the economic efficiency of using steel pipes with internal polyurethane coating in hydrotransport slurry pipelines. The calculated specific head losses for the pipelines with a polyurethane coating in the hydraulic transportation of processing tailings slurry with the mass concentration of the solid phase of 6.95 % are almost 1.8 times lower than in steel pipelines without such coating. It is proposed to use the results obtained in the reconstruction of the tailings slurry hydrotransport system at Mikhailovsky GOK PJSC with a conversion to hydraulic transportation of bulk concentration tailings thickened to 35–40 % in slurry pipelines with an internal polyurethane coating, which will ensure energy savings in the hydrotransport process.

keywords Hydrotransport, thickened hydraulic fluids, processing tailings, specific head losses, polyurethane coatings, laboratory tests

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