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Mineral Processing
ArticleName Increasing the efficiency of iron-ore dressing by separation in an alternative magnetic field
DOI 10.17580/chm.2021.05.01
ArticleAuthor A. E. Pelevin

Ural State Mining University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

A. E. Pelevin, Dr. Eng., Prof., Dept. of Mineral Processing, e-mail:


The possibility of applying dressing in an alternating magnetic field for the stage separation of iron concentrate before the last stage of grinding is considered in order to reduce the cost of grinding or increase the technological indicators of titanomagnetite ore beneficiation. Stage separation of the concentrate is possible when using magnetic separation in an alternating field with frequencies of 120–160 Hz. The mass fraction of iron in the concentrate isolated before the last stage of grinding was 61.51–63.12%. Reduction in the frequency of the alternating magnetic field to 40–80 Hz did not allow to obtain a concentrate of the required quality. The use of magnetic separation with an alternating magnetic field at a frequency of 120 Hz, compared with the standard beneficiation scheme, allows to increase the yield of concentrate by 0.17% and extraction of iron in concentrate by 0.65% with the same mass fraction of iron in concentrate. Increasing the frequency of the alternating magnetic field to 160 Hz allows to increase the mass fraction of iron in the concentrate by 0.92% and extraction of iron in the concentrate by 0.63% while reducing the yield of the concentrate by 0.1%. The yield of concentrate isolated before the last stage of grinding should not exceed 43-53%. Increasing the yield of the concentrate can lead to a significant decrease in the mass fraction of iron in the concentrate. The use of a scheme with the gradual separation of the concentrate leads to a decrease in the load on the last stage of grinding and to an increase in the size of the produced concentrate. This indicates the possibility of reducing the concentrate production cost by decreasing the volume of grinding equipment on the last stage.

keywords Alternating magnetic field, field frequency, iron concentrate, titanomagnetite ore, mass fraction of iron, yield of concentrate, extraction of iron into concentrate

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