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ArticleName Science reproductive outline and scientific knowledge in information space. Work experience of the Technical Council for Geomechanics
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.04.12
ArticleAuthor Vorobev S. A., Vorobyev A. A.

Ore and Metals Publishing House, Moscow, Russia:

S. A. Vorobev, CEO, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
A. A. Vorobyev, Deputy CEO,


The article concerns the outcomes of IV Technical Council for Geomechanics held in Moscow (NUST MISIS, February 3, 2022), and broaches the issue of performance of this expert and advisory body (discussion forum). The authors of the article, being the publishers of the Gornyi Zhurnal and the members of the Technical Council panel, speculate on the future of this forum, and on its conceivable fruitful and fallible scenarios. The scope of the urgent problems to be scrutinized at the meetings of the Technical Council includes: insufficient level of communication with studentship and poor presentation of the event in the information space. The article is composed of three parts. The first part analyzes professorial tutorage of mining engineering students, reveals the problem of value and proposes their adequate solutions. The second part focuses on feasibility of pushing the limits of the informative presence of the Technical Council for Geomechanics. A spotlight is put on the actual information stream and the role of scientific knowledge in it. The authors put forward a six-step technology of the information flow filtering. The third part discusses the upward potential of the authority and weight of the Technical Council in the context of the public documents which set the objectives of scientific and technical advance of Russia. The approaches proposed by the authors are universal and applicable in other sciences. 

keywords Technical Council, geomechanics, science, historiography, value paradigm, government assignment, media, ideology, scientometrics.

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