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ArticleName Comparative testing of various composition granulites
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.07.11
ArticleAuthor Viktorov S. D., Frantov A. E., Lapikov I. N.

Academician Melnikov Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia:

S. D. Viktorov, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
A. E. Frantov, Leading Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
I. N. Lapikov, Senior Researchers, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Blasting of rocks both in open pit and underground mining commonly uses cheap explosives. Their competitiveness ensues from the minimum cost, simple composition, application safety, fabricability and ease of charging. The basis of composition of cheap explosives are economic materials—solid oxidizer (ammonium nitrate) and liquid fuel (diesel fuel). Explosive manufacture machinery includes mixing and charging equipment of many types and modifications, ensuring blasting with regard to specific technology of shooting. This article presents the studies into the detonation parameters of cheap explosives including ammonium nitrate with different technical properties and pricing characteristics (cost, porosity, absorbent and retention capacity) and of a mixed fuel composed of liquid phase (waste oil products, fuel mixtures, diesel fuel) and solid phase (crumb rubber, coal powder, coke breeze). The solid phase components have different natures and particle parameters, which governs adhesion and retention of liquid fuel at the surface of ammonium nitrate granules having insufficient adsorbability and retention ability. It is shown that explosion spread (the rate and completeness of detonation) depends stronger on the properties of an oxidizer than fuel. The mixed fuel (liquid+solid phases) maintain the balance and physical stability of cheap explosives and reduce the production cost. On the basis of the experimental indicators of detonation stability, the choice of the composition is substantiated so that to provide high detonation ability of cheap explosive and to ensure economic efficiency of blasting.

keywords Cheap explosives, ammonium nitrate, waste oil products, fuel mixture, diesel fuel, solid fuel, coke breeze, coal powder, detonation ability of granulite

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